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Software and technology companies use NetSuite to scale through back-office systems that manage and unlock growth. Manage your growth more effectively with business processes such as revenue recognition, forecasting, procurement, specialized pricing models, recurring/subscription based revenue streams, and order management.

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NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a complete cloud ERP solution targeted at high-growing, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. It automates front- and back-office processes including financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, billing, and inventory management.

NetSuite Financial Planning & Budgeting helps you align your organization through the planning cycle providing a single version of the truth, and improved real-time visibility. Planning and Budgeting facilitates both company-wide and departmental planning with modeling capabilities, approval workflows and reporting within one collaborative scalable solution.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess provides a complete integrated ERP platform that includes ERP, CRM, Professional Services Automation (PSA), eCommerce, HR, and business intelligence, all continually updated with leading practices for each industry and role including workflows, reports, and dashboards. You have the flexibility to personalize the platform at each stage of your process.

NetSuite Business Intelligence provides real-time transparency into company performances across all business functions – from summary level to detailed transactions. Your organization’s leaders will benefit from the accuracy of using a single version of the truth with all of your data residing in a single source.

Why Fast-growing Software Companies Adopt NetSuite


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    NetSuite provides software and technology firms with the ability to optimize quotes, increase staff utilization, streamline project workflow, gain business and client insights, and track progress more effectively through a 360-degree single view of the business. NetSuite helps software firms:

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